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That was a pretty good weekend.

On Saturday, we had our monthly games night, where we played Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity.
It’s only the second time we’ve played Settlers, but we’re starting to see how it could be a pretty brutal game where it comes to doing over the other players.
Fortunately by the time Richard realised how much I’d scored on the board and potentially what I had in my hand, I was only one round away from winning, and took the game without the others realising I was about to win.
It’s important to try and work how close others are to winning to decide if and how you’re going to trade with them.
Great game.

Yesterday we headed out of Glasgow to climb Dumgoyne a wee volcanic plug of a hill. It might be relatively small, but it’s pretty steep.
We’ve climbed this three or four times in the past, and the views from the top are stunning, but this time we got about 3/4 of the way up, and met the cloud coming down. It wasn’t a good idea to carry on, so we headed back to the car.

Once off the hill it was into the car and up to Aberfoyle for a coffee. We lost Mia en route, as she doesn’t seem to understand that “road closed” and “diversion” means she has to follow the signs, so while we arrived in Aberfoyle, she got lost, ended up back at Dumgoyne, and just headed home.
From Aberfoyle, we decided to stop off in Drymen, seeing as we had to pass it thanks to the diversion.

Finally we headed home to some well deserved dinner and some Netflix.

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So much for the camping idea!

In a couple of weeks, my wife is going to be doing a two day sign language course, on a Saturday and Sunday.

I had a plan to walk the first leg of the West Highland Way, from Milngavie to Drymen, camp overnight, and get the bus back to Glasgow the next day.

The walk would have taken about 5 hours, there’s a campsite in Dymen, which sounds like it’s really really basic, but which would have been ok for one night.  There’s a couple of really nice pubs in Drymen, so food and a few beers with a good book, would have been a relaxing evening before bedding down for the night.  The next day would have been simply a case of breaking camp, jumping on a bus back to Glasgow, and home.

Simple you might think, EXCEPT, on a Sunday, only one bus passes through Drymen, en route to Glasgow, and that’s at 7.00pm!  Seriously, if I’m up at 7 or 8.00am I’m NOT hanging around a small (albeit extremely picturesque) village for 12 hours, especially when it would only take 5 to walk back.  

Ah well, back to the drawing board.  I suppose I could go a run on the bike.

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