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Had a reasonably relaxing weekend.
Went for a curry on Saturday to a place we’d not eaten in before. Saffron in Barrhead.  We’d got one of these Groupon deals, but I’d be more than happy to go back there and pay the full price.  The food was excellent.
The deal was for a buffet for two, and a sizzle platter to share.  Really nice it was too.

Afterwards, we headed to Paisley for a wander and a quick drink.  I was happy to see the pub had Old Rosie in the fridge, but unfortunately, it was obvious that the box was almost done, as the bag containing the cider was hanging out, and it looked like the box was prolapsing.  Now, it’s a rough, cloudy cider, but I’d hazard a guess that the amount of cloud in what was visible, would have led to explosive skitters in my near future, had I drunk it.  I thought better off it and had a pint of draught instead.

Sunday we went in-line skating in the morning, and followed it up with chilling out and watching episodes of Vikings, Outlander (last few episodes) and Lucifer.  Later we watched The Devil’s Double, based on Saddam Husain’s son and the man who was forced into being his double.  (Great film btw).

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Nice wee weekend (despite the weather)

On Friday I had was out for a meal with work.  There had been a summer school, with American students over to see how forensics is done in Scotland, and to get a glimpse of our judicial system.

The meal was really good, and me wearing my kilt went down well with the students (and some of the waiting staff!).


On Saturday, we headed into town for a wander before going for a curry for dinner.  Since the kilt was still lying out from the Friday night, and it’s doesn’t get worn that often, I thought “Why not” and put it on again.  This time with hiking socks, Cat boots, and a sweatshirt.  


On to Sunday, and it was our weekly game of badminton.  Karen has been improving a lot, and winning more games lately.  Yesterday, there was some Chinese guys playing table tennis in the same hall, and one came over to watch us.  After a few minutes, he gave her some pointers, and from that point on she had me running round like a blue arsed fly!  It was only a little change he’d told her to try, but damn it made a big difference!  She was really chuffed.

Later we went for a drink, and bumped into an old friend of mine, so that was pretty cool.

Now it’s back to work, and I’ve a guitar lesson tonight

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The charity ceilidh and other stuff

Well on Friday, the boiler guy came out, but ended up not being able to fit the filter.  The thing is huge, and there’s not enough pipework exposed for him to fit it.  We’d have to dismantle part of the kitchen units, to allow it to be fitted, then put one of the cupboard back together without a back on it, to allow access, meaning that we basically couldn’t use it for storage space.
The guy did try his best to find some way of fitting it, but after about 2 hours, had to admit defeat.  

While this was going on, I was watching a box set of the Old Grey Whistle Test, which is pretty damn awesome.  If you’re in the UK and of a certain age, you’ll remember this groundbreaking music show.  If you’re outside the UK, try and get the box set, and see some legendary performances by an ecclectic mix of artists.

On Friday evening, it was on with the kilt, and off for a curry with friends, before heading to the charity ceilidh.  The food was average, but the ceilidh was an absolute blast.  It was raising funds for a special needs school.  Some of the pupils were there, and it was great watching them have a great time.  Everyone was up dancing, and the band were excellent, so it was surprising to find out that they were teachers, who’d only had one rehearsal !!  Well done guys.

There was a raffle as well, and we won £30 worth of Tesco gift cards, and a deep fat fryer.  Not bad, as I don’t usually win things.

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Positive mind set

The positive frame of mind I mentioned this morning is (strangely) still with me.  I’m pretty confident about this month, about clearing out more stuff I don’t need, and about not accumulating any more.

I had to get a new front light for my bike, before it gets dark early enough that I need them, and the Edinburgh Bike Co-op had a set reduced to £9.99.  Since I only needed a front one – I dropped the one I had and knackered it – this is pretty much perfect.  The rear light can either be kept as a spare, or used as a second light.  One flashing and one steady.

I’ve got a day’s holiday on Friday, but it’s because I’m waiting in for Scottish Gas to send someone to fit a water filter to the boiler (£265!!!!!).  This should mean they reduce the boiler insurance premium.  It’s gone up from £19 to £30, because I’ve claimed two repairs for the same fault, which this filter should eliminate.  If they don’t reduce it, I’ll go elsewhere.

So since I’ll be at home for that, as long as the weather stays ok, I’ll renew the roofing felt on the garden shed, and sand and stain the garden bench, which both need doing sooner rather than later.  Who knows, there may even be time to cut the grass.

But Friday won’t be all work and no play.  In the evening we’re off to meet a couple of friends for a curry, before heading to a fund raising ceilidh.  Should be a good night.

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