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Where are all the tree climbers?

At the weekend, we were walking through a local park, which was pretty busy, and I commented on the fact that in all the times we’ve been there, I’ve not once in all those years, seen any kids climbing trees.

Why is that?

When I was a kid, we used to go to the local park, and were never out the damn things.  We climbed them, we got stuck up them, and yes, we fell out them.  We made rope swings and played on them.  We had “proper” things to play on in the park, but trees+imagination were so much better.

If kids are losing the ability to use their imagination when they’re playing, as a result of being handed “imagination” on a plate in the form of video games, then that’s sad.

If you climbed trees as a kid, do yourself a favour and go do it again.  If people give you funny looks, just stick your tongue out at them and carry on climbing.

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