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Great weekend

Just had a brlliant weekend.
It was my wife’s birthday, and I’d booked a meal and a hotel in Largs for her.
On the way there we stopped off in Ayr for a wander and some lunch, and then headed to Loch Doon castle (on the shores of Loch Doon), where we met Bob, who played the clarinet for Karen and recited some poetry.
Bob and his friends where doing a spot of wild camping and have been working the festival circuit. It was a fantastic surprise. He was a genuinely nice guy and Karen loved being serenaded.

Dinner in Largs was really nice. Tinto Tapas does great food, but like all tapas places in Scotland, missed the fact that tapas should be small cheap plates, not small expensive plates. £4 – £5 a plate is pretty standard for tapas here, and it’s not cheap when you consider the size of plate you get for that.
Tinto do 3 for £10 as long as you’re there before 7.00pm, which we were, so it worked out great value.

The hotel – Wood House Hotel – was really nice. Seriously comfy bed, and a really nice breakfast the next day.


Wee bit of yoga on Ayr beach.

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Belated birthday post.

Just over a week ago it was my birthday, and I headed into town with Karen, to meet up with a friend to see Roman Holiday at the GFT.  We were a few minutes early, so I waited outside while Karen checked if he was inside, which he was.

There’s renovations going on at the moment, and the wall hiding them has become a wall for commenting on post-it notes, about what cinema means to you.  When I got in, Karen had posted a message on the wall. (see pic).  Nice wee surprise.


After the movie (which was great), we headed to Nanakusa for some Japanese food, before finishing off the day with a couple of drinks.  Really nice day.


Then yesterday I got a belated birthday present from a friend we don’t see that often. *geek happy dance*


2013-08-04 19.59.43

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Panic stations

My birthday is rapidly approaching.  It’s this coming Sunday.

My wife has already been asking where I want to go, and she’s thinking who to ask along.  While I appreciate the gesture, I don’t like the fuss.  I managed not to have an 18th party, and I also dodged a 21st successfully.  There was a 40th however.  This was a surprise, and was sprung on me.  Fortunately there was only a handful of friends there.
I’ve always liked going to other peoples parties, but I’ve always hated having my own.  I can’t stand being the centre of attention.  Not the actions of a typical Leo.

So I thought that this time we were just going for a meal, just the two of us, but apparently not.  There’s one, maybe two others coming along.  I suppose I can handle this, but – and this probably sounds selfish – I just want to go out, the two of us, for dinner, and not have to bother making small talk with other people.

When I think about having to spend time with other people, sometimes I start to feel claustrophobic.  The idea of what’s supposed to be “my day” being out-with my control is really annoying me.  I know when it comes round to it, I’ll enjoy it, BUT, it’s the not being in control that’s getting to me.

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