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What’s been happening

On Saturday, we headed up to Callander to do a wee walk to the Bracklinn Falls.  Nice wee walk, of about 5 miles all in, with the falls themselves being really nice and in a fantastically scenic part of the country.

The downside was my hayfever kicked in and when I sneezed, my teeth clashed, and I chipped a bit out a filling, and now have to get that fixed.  I’ve an appointment for Thursday, so that’s ok.  There’s no pain, so I don’t mind the wait.

The Piping Live festival is has just started, so there’s the sounds of pipes in the city centre. This will culminate in the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green at the weekend.

Unfortunately, George Square is being renovated at the moment, so all the activity that usually takes place throughout the week is now at St Enoch’s Square, which is easy to get to but not as central, or as big.  Hopefully it’ll be back to normal next year.

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