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Nice wee weekend (despite the weather)

On Friday I had was out for a meal with work.  There had been a summer school, with American students over to see how forensics is done in Scotland, and to get a glimpse of our judicial system.

The meal was really good, and me wearing my kilt went down well with the students (and some of the waiting staff!).


On Saturday, we headed into town for a wander before going for a curry for dinner.  Since the kilt was still lying out from the Friday night, and it’s doesn’t get worn that often, I thought “Why not” and put it on again.  This time with hiking socks, Cat boots, and a sweatshirt.  


On to Sunday, and it was our weekly game of badminton.  Karen has been improving a lot, and winning more games lately.  Yesterday, there was some Chinese guys playing table tennis in the same hall, and one came over to watch us.  After a few minutes, he gave her some pointers, and from that point on she had me running round like a blue arsed fly!  It was only a little change he’d told her to try, but damn it made a big difference!  She was really chuffed.

Later we went for a drink, and bumped into an old friend of mine, so that was pretty cool.

Now it’s back to work, and I’ve a guitar lesson tonight

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Variety is the spice of life

On the cycle into work this morning, I decided on a slightly different route through on the ride through the park.  It added a couple of hundred yards onto the normal way I go, but was (a) more sheltered from the wind (b) faster and smoother path, and (c) more scenic, so that’s the way to go from now on I think.

Over the weekend, there was a game of badminton on Saturday, and a beer festival yesterday, where I got to try a couple of beers (one Scottish, one South African) before deciding that I really liked one (the SA) a pale ale, and having another pint of that.

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That was a good weekend

On Friday, for the first time, I tried sketching with charcoal.  Yes, once again I dip my un-artistic toe into the sea of creativity to see what kind of mess it makes.

I have a wee postcard on a pinboard in work that has a close up of the face of a Buddha statue, so I thought I’d give it a go.  I’ve started it, but not finished it yet, so I’ll post it up when I’m done.  So far, it’s not as bad as I thought it would turn out, but then again, I’m biased.

Saturday we had a karate class, which was great.  We spent the entire time going over katas, which, in my opinion, we don’t spend enough time doing.  I got to go over one I’ve only done a couple of times (basai dai), and one I’ve never done before (meikyo).

Keeping up the energetic theme, and on Sunday we had a game of badminton, before going for lunch, and then meeting up with a friend for a couple of drinks.

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One door closes, another opens

My recent post have been about friendship and how some people don’t seem to value it particularly, and are happy to let you down and think you’ll be ok with it.

One of the side effects of one of the two people who have let us down lately, is that my wife is no longer able to play tennis.  She had started playing tennis for the first time, and was getting reasonably good at it.  I am hopeless at tennis, so that’s not an option.

That’s the door closing.

The opening door, is that I used to regularly play badminton, and I can book a court in my work.  So, one new racquet later, I’ve got a new badminton partner, and my wife has a replacement for the tennis she was playing.

Our first game is on Sunday.  She’s never played before, so there’s going to be a learning curve, and I think it’ll be a couple of weeks before she starts playing seriously, but it’s all good.

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