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1st 10k in years

On Sunday, I ran my first 10k race in about 3 years.
There was way to little preparation, as I’ve only been running again for about the last month, but have been running up to 9k.
The thinking was, 9k feeling good afterwards, so another on top is do-able, as long as I remember I’ve been away from running for a few years, so don’t aim for a time, just aim to get round.

So that was the plan. I was thinking, based on the running I’d been doing, that 60 mins was a reasonable time to get round in, so I was surprised and very happy with my finish time of 55:15.

The course was a wee bit hilly, and I was feeling it in my legs for the last 1k, but I made it round and in a time 5 minutes under what I was aiming for, so to say I’m pleased is an understatement.

I think I’ve got the bug again.


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Run Forrest, run….

I’ve been dipping my toes back into running over the last couple of weeks. I’ve always missed being in the running club (I fell out of the habit after an injury, and just got lazy), and it’s more annoying now that they’ve re-located to the sports centre at the end of my road, so twice a week I see them run past my window.
SO, with that in mind I’ve been doing some gentle running to ease back into it. I’m up to just under 10k now, so I’ve entered a race on the 11th. It’s named after the guy who was my first coach when I joined the club, so it seemed appropriate.
I’m under no illusions about fast times, I’m just looking to enjoy the run, get over the finish line, and collecting my finishers t shirt (and hopefully catching up with Jimmy, my old coach)

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Running update

Since I’ve got back from holiday, I’ve only managed to run twice.  I was a bit worried it was going to hurt again and I’ve have taken a step back, so, it was with no small amount of trepidation that my first run was what has been used as my long run, the house to my work.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that it was a really good run.  I felt good, the legs were going easily, there were no problems with breathing/stitch/<insert running ailment of choice>  and I did it in what I consider a decent time (for the moment.  It will be coming down in the next few months, I’ve promised myself that).

Last night I met up with Ali who I know from the running club we both used to be in, and we headed out for a run.  No time discussed, no route planned, we just headed out and the route was decided by how good we were feeling and by how much light we had left.
The pace was nice and easy but not slow.  Fast, but not bursting a gut.  This morning I mapped it out on Map my Run, and it came in at a couple of meter shy of 10k.  Perfectly happy with that, really happy that I’m really really enjoying my running again.

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First 10k race in 5 years

Yesterday I took part in the Paisley 10k, my first 10 race in 5 years, and only my second race since I started running again a couple of months back.

It was a warm sunny day, and there was a wee hill about half-way round, and just after the 9k mark, there was longer hill to contend with, leading back up to the main st, and the finish.  Given that, and the fact I’ve only been running again for about 12 weeks, I was very happy with my time of 52:52m.

Now I have a time to try and improve on, so I’ve no excuses.

Run hippy! Run!

Run hippy! Run!

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