Running update

This morning I went for my 5.5k route through the park next to my house.
It wasn’t great today, my legs felt like lead.

I know I’ve only been back running for three weeks, and it’s after a gap of 5 or 6 years, but it’s hard not to let the head games get the better of you.  In my mind I’ve not really had that long lay-off, and I should be able to go for a “wee 10 miler*” as I used to refer to them, or push it a wee bit if I’ve got time, and do 15 miles.

I know the problem isn’t physical, the stamina will come, my muscles will get used to running again (at the moment they seem to be confused that I’m using them in a different way to cycling, and they aren’t keen on it), the breathing is ok too, it’s just head games.  My brain is trying to psyche me out.

I need to get back to running with other people, to distract me from this.  When I run on my own I have too much time to let my mind wander and scream “What are you doing?  Give up.”  I’m not giving up.  No way.

So, I need to persevere, vary the routes, do some hill reps and/or shorter faster sessions.  I also need a running buddy to stop me slacking.  That’s what I loved about running with the club, but until I’m up to the minimum pace, that’s not a realistic option.

So, any tips to avoid you’re mind psyching you out on a solo run would be greatly appreciated 😀

(*my wife thought I’d crossed a line, when 10 miles was referred to as a “wee” run).

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Active day

Yesterday I cycled to work (approx 10k), at lunchtime I went for a wee run (4.3k according to Strava), and then cycled the 10k home again.  I’m pretty happy about the fact that my level of fitness is improving, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing.
Saying that, I still have motivational issues when it comes to karate.  There’s a few times I’ve thought that if Karen wasn’t coming along too, I’d have given up (although, once I get to the class I do enjoy it).

So, regular exercise, and trying to cut out the junk when it comes to food (struggling with that a bit though.  Why is it that the tasty food is the worst for you?).

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Back running

Over the weekend, I managed to get out for my first run this year.
I’ve been really lazy, and got the “can’t be arsed” stage, as it seemed like a huge wall was up between me and running, but on Saturday night, I left out the running gear, and on Sunday morning I got up and went out.  I have to admit I almost didn’t as it was raining, but I thought “Sod it.” and went anyway.

At 7.00am, I pretty much had Pollok estate to myself, and only saw another 3 or 4 people running.  I’m really lucky to have this park literally on my doorstep, and sometimes I take it for granted.

The rain was soon forgotten (I have always had a problem setting out in the rain.  I don’t mind it starting once I’m out, but seeing it rain before I set off makes it hard for me to get out the door) and I was quickly just enjoying the run and the “me” time.

As I haven’t run in about six months, I took it easy, and just did a wee loop that comes in at just under 5.5k.  A nice wee easy pace too.

Thighs were a bit achey the next day, but in a good way.  I also felt really good for the rest of the day.  That’s one of the things I love about running.  I always feel better about myself and life in general when I’m running.  My wife thinks I’m a lot happier a person and more positive when I run, so it does have benefits for mental well-being as well as physical health benefits.

Anyway, here’s a wee pic from a few years ago when I was a member of Bellahouston Road Runners (when I get back up to speed, I plan to re-join).  I’m the one in the purple vest.


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Running vs The Rest of the World

I’ve pretty much not been running lately (I think I’ve only been out 3 times this year, which is not good).  BUT I am back on the bike, I’ve been at the gym (where the treadmill gets used) and I’m still going to karate.

I think I’m getting things in balance, and much as I loved running and entering races, I think that it’s place in my life is something that I’ll do once in a while because I want to, and not something to do because I feel I have to. (this of course is subject to change at very short notice, depending on the weather, my mood, if I fancy a run, or if I just get the urge again).

I’m enjoying being back on the bike and I’m planning a second bike (I was going for a road bike, but think I’ll actually get a cross, as Glasgow’s roads aren’t exactly road bike friendly), so I think realistically the cycling will be taking over from the running.  Instead of a 5 mile run, a 10 mile ride, that sort of thing.

Anyway, like I say, it’s all subject to change, that’s just the state of the nation at the moment.

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My bad

Not done much in the way of running the past couple of weeks.  I know, my bad.
In my defense, I’ve been commuting by bike every day (a 10 mile round trip) except one, when I go straight from work to a karate class, so I don’t feel too guilty.

I will be on the bike again on Thursday, though, and running again on Friday at lunchtime.  Then at the weekend, I’m going to get out in the park on Sunday morning for a bit of a run.  Might be time to dig out the trail shoes for a change and ditch the tarmac.  If I’m up and out early enough, I can get running on the mtb trails long before any cyclists get there.  If not, there’s plenty of other off-road running to be found in the park.

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Lunchtime run cancelled.

Today I was supposed to be going for a lunchtime run with a colleague who’s recently been on a chi-running weekend, and wanted to see if it made her feel like she wasn’t struggling to keep up or holding me back (I don’t think she was doing either). She just called to say she forgot her sports bra, so can we postpone.  I pointed out that I didn’t have one either, but apparently since I don’t have boobs, not having a sports bra isn’t a problem. 🙂

Anyway, I have to admit to being slightly relieved, as I’ve been cycling every day that I’m not running, and today I still cycled into work, knowing that I was going for a run.  The legs are a little bit achey, so, while running might have loosened them up a bit, I’m secretly ok with the fact she has to cancel.

Is that bad ?

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Running update

Since I’ve got back from holiday, I’ve only managed to run twice.  I was a bit worried it was going to hurt again and I’ve have taken a step back, so, it was with no small amount of trepidation that my first run was what has been used as my long run, the house to my work.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that it was a really good run.  I felt good, the legs were going easily, there were no problems with breathing/stitch/<insert running ailment of choice>  and I did it in what I consider a decent time (for the moment.  It will be coming down in the next few months, I’ve promised myself that).

Last night I met up with Ali who I know from the running club we both used to be in, and we headed out for a run.  No time discussed, no route planned, we just headed out and the route was decided by how good we were feeling and by how much light we had left.
The pace was nice and easy but not slow.  Fast, but not bursting a gut.  This morning I mapped it out on Map my Run, and it came in at a couple of meter shy of 10k.  Perfectly happy with that, really happy that I’m really really enjoying my running again.

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