Normal service has been resumed

So the regular class I go to started back last night after the Christmas/New Year break, and I discovered one very important thing.
The practice I was doing at home over the break, while not exactly slacking, wasn’t up where I’d been before the break.
Last night was tough. Really tough. But really enjoyable as well.

Other things I discovered were (a) short sleeved t-shirts are not good to wear if you’re sweating buckets, and trying to do crow pose. Slippy 😀
Also, while I can do tree pose no problem with no-one else around, it just takes one person in my peripheral vision to has the slightest wobble, and my balance is all over the place.

So, what have I learned from last night? To wear t-shirts with sleeves so I can do crow pose when I’ve broken sweat* and focus on a point on the floor when doing balance poses so I don’t get the wobbles when someone else does.
Oh, and to do a proper home practice and make sure it’s not a case of going through the motions of just doing poses I find easy.

(* how do you actually do crow pose at a Bikram class? Surely you must be really sweaty, and it’s hard to lock your knees in place?)

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