Fun weekend

Had a great weekend.  Saturday we took the cats to the vets for their annual checkup.  Both passed.  It’s great to know that Rosie is healthy as she’s getting on now (17).
Back home to drop them off, and then we headed to Troon for a few hours as the weather was stunning.  You’d have thought it was a bank holiday weekend.  The place was mobbed. There was an indoor car boot sale in the concert hall, so we nipped in.  One stall was selling 10 dvds for £1.00!  Guy gave me 11, so that’s a double result.  Most are one’s I’ll watch then put in a charity bag, but I did snag Marathon Man, Hello Dolly, Spaceballs, Kingdom of Heaven and Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera among others.

Sunday we headed to the Om Yoga show at the SECC.  Pretty good exhibition.  We didn’t join in any of the classes that were running, but visited all the dealers stands and chatted to a few dealers.  Came away with a supply of raw chocolate, some herbal teas, coconut oil, and a tie-dyed Om t-shirt, so decent wee haul for not much money.

After the show we headed to Linn Park to have a wander in the sun, before grabbing a snack at the Old Smiddy pub, before heading home.

Yesterday, I managed to pick up a new jute yoga mat, so all in all a decent weekend.


Snuffmill Bridge at the Linn Park

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