Karate last night was good.  There’s a few new members, a couple of adults and a couple of kids.
The adults are no problem, except one has been asking when he’s going to get his first belt, despite only having been coming for a few weeks.  He wasn’t happy with the reply that it’s not all about being able to do “x” moves or a kata, but there’s other factors, respect, discpline AND ablity.  He’s got a habit of dropping out of kata if he gets a move wrong, and not wanting to join in again as he says he feels stupid, BUT he still wants graded!
The kids on the other hand, have been brought to karate my their mum after they got kicked out of a Tae Kwon Do class for not paying attention, talking, and carrying on.  They’re going to be hard work.  One is about 8 and the other 12.  They have absolutely no discipline, or respect for others, and don’t listen.  I’m guessing they won’t last long, as they seem to think it’s just a game.

I was supposed to be going to the gym today, but my gym buddy has a meeting and can’t make it, so I’m having a “rest day” 🙂

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