Only me

Yoga class tonight before I head home.  While I’m looking forward to it, I’ve always wondered why yoga doesn’t seem to appeal to many men.
In the class I go to I’m the only regular male.  Occasionally another guy will turn up, try the class, maybe come for a couple of weeks, and then disappear, never to return.
Someone I used to work beside, started going to a yoga class a few months back, and although he was really keen to start, he actually went online to ask if it would be “weird” if I guy took up yoga.  I just don’t understand why (in the main) guys don’t do yoga.

When I first when to the class, it was with the aim of getting more flexible for karate, but now I do it for it’s own sake, and enjoy it.  The yoga, plus some meditation, help me when I feel stressed.  I’m really bad for bottling things up, and this counteracts that stress really well.

So, does anyone have similar experiences, is the lack of men doing yoga typical ?

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