Social media in need of an enema

For the last week or so, all my social media feeds have been jammed with political posts.  What with Brexit, and Donald Trump’s antics, people are getting so riled up the usually apolitical people I know, have descended into rabid political bests.
Now, while I think Brexit MAY be a monumental clusterfuck, I’m perfectly open to being proved wrong. In fact, since it looks like being a done deal, I’m hoping it’s not the aforementioned clusterfuck, and that (as usual) the UK media is scaremongering.

As for The Donald…… I can’t help thinking he’s all smoke and mirrors.  Cause chaos, get people out on the streets protesting about something which he will ultimately do a u-turn on, all the while sneaking some really damaging things through on the quiet while everyone is distracted.

While I don’t like Trump, or May, I do  think the political systems need a shake-up, as there are too many people in it for what they can get out of it, and not for what is good for their counties and the people.  I just don’t think Trump is the man to do it.  In the UK it could be Corbyn, but the so called Socialists in the labout party have it in for him as they’re now indistinguishable from the Tories.

Just my 2p worth.  As always YMMV, and I’m good with that.  Not looking to rant or argue politics, just highlighting that while a lot of that’s not right is going on, politically, the world certainly isn’t boring at the moment.

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