The great clearout of 2016

Seriously, the amount of bags we’ve taken to the charity shop or the recycling centre, this clearout will go down in the annals of history.
And it’s not yet over.

We now have a floor in the spare room.  Yes, and actual floor you can walk on, and not have to tiptoe round piles of books/dvd’s.  Karen has her sewing machine set up at one end of the room, and my guitar and amp are at the other.  What books survived the cull are all on the bookshelves, and the cd’s are tidied up.

I’ve even managed to get a lot of prints that we were meaning to frame, framed and up on the walls.  Still got some more that I want to frame and hang, but don’t have appropriate sized frames at the moment.

I’m sure there’s more to get rid of.  I’ve an xbox 360 that I couldn’t actually say when the last time was I switched it on, so that’s looking like a contender for heading out the door.

I was actually dreading starting getting rid of things, because, well, it’s my stuff, and I must have wanted it yadda yadda yadda.  But that’s the thing, it’s just “stuff”.  It’s not being used, it’s clutter.  I don’t need to keep EVERY book I’ve ever bought.  There’s cd I’ll probably never listen to again.  There’s dvd’s I’ll probably never watch again.  In fact, I’ll just pick up a Fire stick, and stream movies.  I’ll not need to buy any more dvd’s.  If I want to watch a movie, I’ll just stream it.  Simple, and it doesn’t take up any space in the house.

I’m actually feeling mentally happier now there’s less clutter about, but I can totally understand how people can become hoarders.  It’s not that much of a leap between “collector” and “hoarder”.

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