Lately I’ve been thinking about life in general, and I’ve come to the conclusion that while my work life has got more interesting lately, I need to work on saving, as there’s more, much more to life that slogging away just to be able to pay for a couple of weeks abroad every year.

I’m determined that I’m not going to waste what’s left of my life, and I’m going to get out and do what makes me happy.  So with that in mind, the de-cluttering continues, and once I’m back from the trip to Vietnam for my 50th, the saving begins.  The more I can avoid spending on stuff that just clutters up my life, the more I’ll save to allow me to retire early.  Very early.  I’m not looking to have a vast sum, just enough to get by and not worry where the next meal is coming from.

This may sound unrealistic, but we all need a dream to aspire to, for if we don’t have that, what do we have?

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