A few years ago, someone in work started an early morning yoga class (7.00am).  I went along as I thought it would help get me more flexible for karate, which it did.  Unfortunately the class stopped as the girl that took it got pregnant and left.
Recently I’ve been thinking about looking for a class again, and I’d got as far as finding a local one that did Iyengar, but the other day as I was coming out the gym at work, I noticed a flyer for and Iyengar class.
Turns out it’s a Thursday at 5.00pm, so it fits right in with me finishing work at 4.45pm.  So tomorrow I’ll be going along to see how I get on.  I emailed since it’s been so long, and checked it was suitable for beginners (it’s been a long break), and it is.  Even better is that as it’s the gym that runs the class and it’s not an external club, it’s covered with my membership and I don’t have to pay.

The universe obviously meant for me to find this class.

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