Good weekend

Had a day off on Friday.  The car was going in for a valet that it was due as part of the deal we got when we bought it.  Of course, they couldn’t give us a booking on the weekend, it HAD to be during the week, so I had to take a day off.
It was booked in for the afternoon, so I decided in the morning, to take myself out on the bike, and cycled over to Shawlands (a couple of miles from the house), where I had breakfast, before cycling to Bellahouston (another couple of miles) where I went for a swim in the first time in years.*
The plan was 30 lengths, but I surprised and surpassed myself by doing 40 before calling it quits.

The sports centre does a swim only membership, and I can break even with one swim a week.  Any more than that and I’ve saved money, so I think I might be going more often.

Yesterday the ongoing clearout netted another bag of clothes and dvd’s for the PDSA.  While we were there, I picked up a Tom Waits cd – Heartattack and Vine – for 99p, and the graphic novel Habibi for £9.99, so that’s a result 😀


*not strictly true as I DO go swimming, but only when we’re on holiday, and I haven’t swum in a pool in Scotland in about 15 years

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