“The only constant is change”

So said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.  Which will be why I am constantly trying to change things, like the amount of “stuff” there is cluttering up my house and my life, and ultimately my phsychic/mental wellbeing.
It’s just too cluttered, so I – slowly – try and clear things out, and the more I clear out, the less mental baggage I find I have.  Letting go is the hardest thing to do, but once you do it, it’s liberating.

Now I feel that I need to go a step further.  I try and meditate, but find it hard to find even 10 minutes of “me” time, when I can be alone and in a quiet space, to do this.  There always seems to be someone around, or some other distraction.  So, I meditate when I can.  I’ve been thinking, and realised that while I may not have enjoyed the actual practice at the time, when I used to do yoga, I really did get a benefit out of it.  I maybe should think about finding a class and going back.
I initially started, as I wanted to get more flexible to help with karate, and only stopped as the woman who ran the class quite when she got pregnant, and no-one else took over the running of it.  (It was an early morning class in the gym in my work, and it was Iyengar yoga.)

Now I think I’m in a place mentally where I would not only benefit (both physically and mentally) from taking it up again, but I would also appreciate it for what it is, and the spiritual side of things.  Maybe it’s because I’m a few years older now, and my attitude towards things like this has changed (see, change IS a constant)

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3 thoughts on ““The only constant is change”

  1. You should maybe pop along to the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Putney

    We do a very traditional, spiritual practise that I think you might like. And there’s free meditation at the weekends. Why not come check it out. First class is free. 🙂

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