Christmas clearout

Over the last few days I’ve managed to clear out a few bags of stuff that’s been taken to the charity shop (PDSA).  I’ve also managed to clear out a load of dvd’s that I’ll probably never want to watch again.  These were taken to the greatest 2nd hand record/dvd shop in Glasgow – Missing (formerly Missing Records, in the days before it sold movies) – where I came out with a credit note for £23 and the cd of Blackout by the Scorpions.  That’s my idea of a result 🙂

It wasn’t all good though.  I woke up one morning to find a filling had fallen out, then went downstairs to phone the dentist, to find a text from a work colleague telling me that Lemmy from Motorhead had died.  I’ve been going to see them live since 1986, and had (still have) a ticket to see them later this month.  They were to be supported by Saxon and Girlschool, and being realistic, with the previous tour having been cut short due to ill health, I thought this would probably be the last tour.

It’s a real shame I never got to see them one last time.  At the moment we’re still waiting to find out if the other bands are still going to go ahead and play, or if the whole thing is cancelled.

And so to the new year, where I still want to reduce the amount of “stuff” that’s cluttering up the house and my life.
I’m also about to get a new DSLR that my better half is paying for as a Christmas present.  So watch this space for some photos once I pick it up.

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