The gears on the bike are playing up.

Pretty much can’t use the third largest cog on the back, as when it’s under load, it slips into the next smallest, then jumps back up, the slips/jumps/slips…..you get the picture.
Further down the cogs, there’s a little rattle as if it’s not aligned right and is about to change, but it doesn’t.  Then, down at the 6th smallest, changing down jumps you to 8, and you have to change back up to get into 7.

All of the above only happens when the pedals are under load.  Stick the bike on a stand, turn the pedals and it happily changes up and down without any problems.

So, at the moment, I’m basically only using one gear, and fortunately it’s the one that I find suits my riding the best.  But if I’d wanted a single speed, I’ve have bought one.

Bike is getting dropped off for a service tomorrow.  Fortunately the shop I bought it from give free servicing for a year after purchase, and it’s only 4 months old.

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