The problem with downsizing your life is….

….getting rid of stuff is hard, even though you haven’t used/worn it for <insert deity of choice> know’s how long.  I discovered just how hard at the weekend.  I went through a couple of drawers of t-shirts that I haven’t even opened in at least a year, unless it was to “archive” something.  I pulled out each and every t-shirt, and about 75% of them made it back in unscathed.  The old faithfuls that I wore to death, and in the case of my Jane’s Addiction shirt from the Ritual de lo Habitual tour is pretty much held together with blind faith, I put back in.  The ones that went were all pretty much new and unworn.  Things I’d bought on a whim because they were cool – don’t get me wrong, they still are – but never wore, as another “old faithful” got pulled out in their place.
I know it’s nuts.  I’ve an original CBGB’s shirt that someone brought me back from NY about 15 years ago.  You can almost see through it, that’s how worn it’s getting.  Same with the t-shirt from the 1st Peterlee tattoo convention, which has also seen far better days, but these are what I’ve kept, and perfectly serviceable stuff that I’ve hardly worn (if at all) have found themselves consigned to the charity bag.

On the plus side, it’s a dent (however small) in the mountain of stuff I have to get rid off, and at least the PDSA will benefit.

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