So the bike is good to go.  The rack is on, the panniers look cool.  Problem is I’m not.

First off there’s the weather.  It’s been snowing in Scotland, and Glasgow council’s rapid response team have yet again been caught out and seem to be surprised that the roads need gritting.  Add to the that the fact that I am loaded with the cold and tanked up on Night/Day nurse, and a bit fuzzy headed as a result, and you’ll soon see that jumping on the bike isn’t the smartest move I could make right now.

I was going to give away the old rack I had, since the whole reason for a new one was that it didn’t fit my bike due to the disc brakes, but since I’m planing to pick up another bike either a road/cross bike for a speedier commute, or a mtb to bounce about the woods near my house (I’m really undecided, and don’t have the space to keep three bikes), so I’ll hang onto the rack till I make a final decision.

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One thought on “Damn

  1. Sorry about the weather! But it sounds like you have the bike as ready as you can get it without filling up the water bottles and panniers and getting the wheels on the road!

    It’s always good to have a few extra pieces laying around. Just in case a hair brained idea comes up, or a spare is needed to fill in for a piece of equipment that went belly up.

    The three bike thing may not be an issue. You can always mount one to a wall!

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