Things of late

The clearout continues bwahahahahahahaha!

I recently got an email from Amazon for a free ebook.  Since I use a kindle I checked out what was on offer.  Of the five books I could choose from, the only one I would have picked was Stardust by Neil Gaiman, which, I already have as a dead tree.  I took it anyway.  Which frees up the paper copy to pass on to someone else.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to replace all my Gaiman books with the exception of Smoke and Mirrors, which I had signed when I met Neil at a convention.

I’ll probably do the same with Clive Barker, although the books have already moved on, I’ve just not replaced them yet, and also with some other SF authors.

There’s going to be a clothes purge as well, as I picked up a fair bit of new stuff over Christmas/New Year.

I’ve also been having a nosey at road/cross bikes, with mind to getting a second bike.  The plan is that the new bike will be my commute bike/going out for a run bike, and the existing one will be the weekend bike for environmentally friendly trips to the shops (when I put a rack on it), and bouncing about on easy-ish trails (when the rack isn’t on it).

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