Reviewing last years resolutions.

Last year I wrote some resolutions down for this year, and posted them online.

I’m pleasantly surprised with what I managed to do.

1. Have a clearout and stop buying stuff I don’t need. – The clearout has been ongoing (and still is).  So yeah.  As for not buying stuff, I think I’ve bought very little this year.

2. Run again. For fun – Yes, I did manage this.  I’ve been running at least twice a week, and did a 5k and a 10k to gauge how I was coming along, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Still managing to not re-join a club, so I’m managing to keep it a pleasurable activity, and not get obsessive like I was in the past.

3. Go climbing again. – I’ve bouldered a few times.  We have a small wall at work now, so I’ve just used that the odd lunchtime.  Found that while it’s pretty fun, it was obviously the company of the people I climbed with that I enjoyed more than the challenge of climbing itself.

4. Stop buying overpriced coffee.  Buy good coffee and make it myself – Managed this one easily.

5. Cycle to work as often as the weather allows. – Done it in spades.  The weather hasn’t even been an issue unless there’s a really strong wind.  The only day I haven’t been cycling is a Tuesday, when I have karate after work, and I run the 5 1/2 miles to work instead.

6. Do another munro – while I didn’t do a munro, I did get up a few smaller hills, so I’m sort of claiming that one.

So overall, I managed to pretty much nail my resolutions.  Now I need to (a) keep it up, and (b) come up with more for next year.

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