Christmas. Consumerism gone mad.

It’s almost that time of year again, when people spend more than they can afford, to give other people more than they need.
My mum was (and to an extent still is) like that.  She had to be the person who gave you the most gifts, or the biggest gift or the most expensive gift.  No matter how many times I told her (and keep telling her) that a small gift that has had thought put into it, means so much more than her idea of bigger/more/expensive.

She hasn’t really a clue what I like.  Sorry, that’s not exactly true.  She knows I like rock music, horror movies and science fiction, but ask her to name a band/actor/author and she wouldn’t have a clue.  So there’s been lots of random gifts that sooner or later go to the charity shop, where hopefully, they will be found by someone who does like them.

She is one of these people who falls for the commercialism of the whole time of year.  And it’s that commercialism that I really truly can’t stand.  You see people at their greed fuelled worst.

I know that my wife knows what I like and would get something that she’s seen and known instantly that it’s ideal for me.  She won’t be looking at a price tag and thinking “That’s too cheap, I can’t give that”.  If the gift fits, that’s what matters, and I appreciate that so much more.

(Don’t get me wrong, my mum has hit the nail on the head on a few occasions, but she still thinks that more is better, when, to be honest, I don’t agree.)

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