Book swap

Well it’s sort of clearing out.  I swapped some China Mieville books with a guy in work, for the Hunger Games trilogy, and the Guillermo del Toro “Strain” trilogy.

I’ve read the first of the Strain books, but not the others, and it ended up in a charity bag as part of a previous clearout.  I’ll read it again, along with the sequels, and then it’s off to the charity shop with them.

I’ve also got some role playing games that are going to go, Elric, Runequest 2nd ed (+ Cults of Prax supplement), Stormbringer (+Stormbringer Companion, and Second Stormbringer Companion), and Rolemaster.  I used to love gaming, but that whole social circle fell apart, and no-one games any more.  C’est la vie……

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