Isolation chambers, Buddhist meditation and chanting Hare Krishna

I used to regularly go to an isolation tank in the West End of Glasgow, and just chill and relax for an hour.  It was a wee monthly treat, some me time where “me” melted away, and became irrelevant.  When I came out the chamber and walked round the streets, for a while it was like being in a bubble looking out.  And I loved it.

Then the place with the chamber closed.

For a while I tried Buddhist meditation, as there was a weekly session in my work, at lunchtime.  The results varied, from “a bit chilled out” to actually nodding off, so it wasn’t really working out.

After talking to a couple of Krishna monks, I thought I’d try chanting.  Not for any religious reason (I don’t really think of myself as religious, but I do consider myself spiritual.), but to see if I could get that calm that I’d lost when the chamber closed.
I do have Krishna beads – japa mala – that I got when I was in India and visited a Krishna temple in Mumbai (among other temples), so I was good to go for counting a “round” of chanting.

I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the results.  I’m “almost” getting the same results that I got from the float in the tank.  There’s a slight disassociation post chant that almost matches the post float feeling, so I’m taking that as a positive result.

I feel a lot calmer afterwards, and that surely is the point I’ve been looking to achieve.

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