Gearing up for winter, and getting some balance

I’ve realised that all the exercise I do focusses on the legs – running, cycling, karate, and I really need to do something that involves the upper body. I’ve also accepted that with the imminent approach of worsening weather, running and cycling may not the as attractive an option as they currently are.  (Yes, there is winter clothing, but it’s not the rain and cold that puts me off, it’s the wind.  There’s not much pleasure to be had on a bike when you’re peddling to stay still).

With the above in mind, I’ve upped my gym membership from “locker and shower” to “gold”.  Gold gives me full access at all times (there’s a cheaper off-peak times option), and includes any of the classes they run at no extra cost – spin, yoga etc.
So when the weather isn’t conducive to cycling or running, there’s spin or the treadmill.  I’m also thinking about seeing if there’s a yoga class I can fit in.  They used to do an early bird class at 7.00am once a week, that I went to, but the girl that took it left when she got pregnant, and no-one else picked it up.  While I can’t say I enjoyed yoga, I DID feel the benefit, so hopefully that will be an option.

So all in all, I’m feeling pretty positive about keeping my fitness levels up over winter, and maybe even improving or where they are at the moment.

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