Back pounding the pavement

I’ve been a bit (ok very) lazy of late, and haven’t really been out running*, but today at lunchtime I went out for a wee gently 3 1/2k trot round the park that’s just over the motorway from my work.

The weather was very mild, and it was nice just to get out and have a wee run, with no goals to aim for.  Not trying to beat a previous time, not aiming for any distance, just spending twenty minutes enjoying running for it’s own sake.

Looking back on when I was running with a club, it was too easy to get swept along in the whole competition thing, and enter all the races that I could.  Sure I was never going to win, and I was only competing against myself, but I rarely if ever just ran for the simple pleasure of it.  I always had a race to train for, and a goal to achieve, and that detracted from the simple pleasure that can be derived from running.
Now that I’m not in a club and not competing (I’ve only ran two races since I started back, one 5k and one 10k) I’m actively enjoying my running as I don’t feel that there’s any pressure.  Ironically that will probably mean that I’ll perform better.

Who knows?  Anyway, for me, at the moment, that’s not important.  Enjoying the simple pleasure that running provides is my motivation for the time being.

(*where “haven’t really” should actually just say “haven’t”)

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