Free bike “health check”

On Friday after work, we cycled through Pollok park to Shawlands, and locked the bikes on the racks across from the Glad Cafe. As we were crossing the road, we noticed Dr Bike had set up at the cross, and were doing free “health checks” for bikes. We spoke to the guys and said we’d be back once we’d been to the shops.

Shopping done, and we took the bikes over to get a once over. They were really thorough, and after getting a cleaned and lubed, and a small adjustment of the gears, my bike was sorted. Brakes etc were all fine.
Karen’s bike is only three weeks old, and the brakes were a bit on the squeaky side. Once again, they worked their magic, and the squeak is gone.

The highlight was watching the mechanic, who was about my height (6′ 4″) riding a woman’s sit-up-and-beg, complete with basket, that was way too small for him. But to his credit he carried it off.

I’m considering sticking a rack on the back of the Giant. I’ve got the rack, I’ve just never got round to putting it on. So, rack, box for the back, some bungees, and I’m sorted for nipping over to Locavore in Pollokshaws, for some organic veggies and apple juices.

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