Need to get a new phone

When my phone contract was up in July, I opted to keep using the phone I had, and go for a sim only deal, as I didn’t know what phone I wanted, and it was going to work out a lot cheaper in the meantime.
A couple of weeks back my phone knackered.  It’s an HTC Desire C and the power cable no longer goes in, so I can’t charge it. So, I banged the sim into an old Samsung Galaxy, which is fine as far as calls/texts goes, but the FB app is slow and can’t be updated, I can’t get Tweetdeck to work, and can’t get access to “marketplace” as it’s now Google Apps, and the phone doesn’t want to know.

So, I’m going to get a cheap smartphone to do me till my next upgrade.  The Nokia Asha 503 looks like it’ll do what’s needed of it, so for £50 that’s the option.  As long as I can use Instagram, I’ll be happy, and as far as I can see I’ll be able to.
(The current phone issue is the reason for my lack of Instagram updates recently)

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2 thoughts on “Need to get a new phone

  1. WalkToRio

    I gotta upgrade my phone too, but I’m waiting on my company to give me a new one. They always do.
    Have a nice weekend!

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