Back on the bike

Just before we went on holiday, we got a new “sit up and beg” bike for Karen.  She gets a sore back using a mountain bike, and sore wrists from the pressure of leaning forward, so it was time to get a bike that suited her.

We planned to ride over to Shawlands for breakfast the morning of the day we flew out, but the night before I noticed my rear tyre was pancake flat.  So, I finally bit the bullet, and took off the semi-slick tyres that were on the bike and replaced them with Armadillo knobblies, that I’d bought and not used.  The bike now looks beefier (for want of a better word), and this morning was the first time I’ve done a commute since changing the tyres.

Now I know (semi) slicks are faster, but I can’t say I took any longer getting to work, and to be honest, the miniscule time I may have lost is more than compensated for with the knowledge that I’m now far less likely to suffer a flat.

I’m actually considering fitting a rear rack as well.  Shopping would become a lot more eco-friendly if I was using panniers, and not having a loaded rucksack on my back would be a bit safer too.  Then there’s the chance that I might actually someday, do a bit of touring/camping using the bike as transport, so I’ll need to prep for the possibility.

The fact that my work is about to launch the bike to work scheme again, and I can pick up a bike for bouncing about off-road and make a saving, makes me more happy to make my commute bike more general use friendly and less off-road friendly.

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