Today’s run to work

So I ran into work today.  This time I didn’t lap the campus, I headed straight to the gym to shower and change.  To be honest it only takes a couple of minutes to run round, and takes the distance from just under, to just over 10k, so skipping it isn’t a biggie.  Anyway, this morning I was feeling like I was struggling a bit.

When I got to the gym and stopped my watch, I realised why it felt tougher today, I’d run in in 45:45m!  Now considering the lap of the campus takes 2 mins (3 max) that’s still a fair bit faster than last time, so the reason I’d felt like I was struggling slightly was due to the pace being faster, and had nothing at all to do with the bottle of wine I drank last night. (OK, it may have had a slight effect on this morning’s run).

So all in all, I’m happy, more than happy actually, with this morning’s run.  

Go me!


Commuting by train(ers)

Commuting by train(ers)

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