Early morning run

Due to the heat, my wife hasn’t been getting a great sleep, so last night I asked her to give me a nudge if she woke up about 5.30am so I could get a run in before heading to work.
Well, she did, but it was just after 5.00am. Hey, that’s when she woke, so I can’t complain.

The park was great at that time in the morning. There’s no-one else about, except for the odd policeman exercising his dog (the police dogs are based there).

I tried some mind tricks to see if they helped any. For example, spotting a tree or puddle in the distance and saying “Just run to that”, and as I approach, pick my next target.
Also, thinking light and relaxed helps too. I found in the past if I whispered “BOING, BOING” to myself with each step, I ended up running better and not psyching myself out.
And that’s the biggest problem I’ve found since I started running again. Every time I feel ready to quit and start walking, I do a mental checklist.
Legs? They feel good, not tired.
Breathing? Yup that’s ok, not laboured. Breathing is fine.
So why am I thinking of stopping? Oh yeah, I’ve almost convinced myself I can’t do this.
I can.

So, if my mind tries to trick me, I not have the tools to trick it back.

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2 thoughts on “Early morning run

  1. WalkToRio

    Whenever I’m doing long workouts, a mile or so before the target distance, I start feeling like stopping, it’s frustrating. Then I think about food and that if I keep the pace I’ll get faster to nice meal than walking lol.

  2. A nice meal, now THAT is motivation 😀

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