Wee Doors Open Day

Every year, Glasgow has a Doors Open Day, a celebration of Glasgow architecture

. This year, to tie in with the Commonwealth Games, there was a Wee Doors Open Day yesterday.

I took an afternoon off work, and me, my wife, and a couple of work colleagues decided to check out some of the buildings.

First off we headed to the Synagogue in Garnethill. The inside of the building is beautiful. Downstairs, there is an archive of the history of Jews in Glasgow, which as well as being really interesting, has a wee bookshop. There are a couple of books by a Glasgow artist, and an autobiography of a survivor of Treblinka, that I’d like to go back and pick up at some point.

From the Synagogue, we moved south of the river to Fairfields office. Fairfields was one of the Govan shipyards, and played an important part in the history of the Glasgow and the Clyde. There’s a nice wee exhibition that’s worth seeing.

Finally we headed over to Pollokshields to the Sikh temple, the Gurdwara, located next to the Tramway. It’s the first time we’d been in a Sikh temple, and it was really interesting. Part of it includes a large kitchen/dining area, where people volunteer to cook, and anyone from the community is able to come in and eat for free. The food is vegetarian, so that no-one is excluded if they are not meat eaters. From the information on the walls and from what we were told, the Sikhs have a great community spirit. Men and women are regarded as equal, and everyone regardless of race or colour, is equal as God created us all. If more people had this attitude, there would probably be a lot less conflict in the world.

Finally, we headed into the Tramway, to have a wee look at the installations that were on.

All in all a fantastic day.

(photos will be added later when I have time)

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