The running is still going well, but to be honest, that’s about all that is.
I feel trapped. Everyone seems to be complaining and being negative about something, and it’s dragging me down.

I constantly get talked over in conversations, by people that are meant to be friends. There’s also one person, who takes the piss and laughs when I say I want to go and climb another munro, making me feel crap, then a couple of months later, gets it into his head to climb Goatfell, but won’t do it unless I go, as it was my idea to go hillwalking!

I started moaning at my wife last night in a supermarket, about random walking round the isles, and not writting and sticking to a shopping list, and now we’re barely speaking. I didn’t mean it, and have no idea why I said it. She’s great at finding bargins and saving us money, and I love that about her. The combination of not having eaten, the heat, and trying to stop things falling out a handbasket, just made me snap.

I can’t concentrate to read or watch tv, and I feel incredibly tired. I don’t like myself much right now.

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