Update schmupdate

Not posted in a bit, so here goes.

The running is going pretty well.  Did a longer (7.5km) run along the canal last week, and the legs felt good.  Breathing was fine too.  I could have kept going, but it was a lunchtime run, so getting back to work and grabbing a shower in the time I had left, took precedence. We’d reigned the pace in a bit to concentrate on distance, so now I know I can easily do 7,5k, it’s time to get back to running 10k, and once the distance is ticked off, I can do some speed sessions, and concentrate on bringing my time back down.
There’s a 10k in Paisley at the end of August, so I’ll enter that and give myself a target to aim for.  After that, it’s back to upping the miles with the aim of the Glasgow half in October.  If that isn’t looking likely, then I’ll enter the 10k instead. I’d rather do that than go for the longer distance, and not finish, or not enjoy it because I wasn’t prepared properly.

In other news, yesterday I picked up some acrylic paints.  A few people have told me that they’re easier to use as a beginner, than watercolours, so I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.  Anything not totally horrendous, I’ll post up here.

I’ve also been getting stuck in to the garden, and have a wee project I’m wanting to do at the bottom, where there’s a wee slope that I can’t really do much with, and it’s got all overgrown.  Yesterday I started reclaiming it.  I may uncover a lost civilisation.  Who knows!

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