Not a boot sale but a bak fiets sale!

This would be a great idea. The Broomielaw in Glasgow would be good for this.

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The boot sale is a quirky thing. I’m not sure if they exist far from the uk. Fill you car with stuff and flog it off out of the boot.

Well here in The Netherlands the principle is alive and well but done in a more charming fashion.

Obviously the bike doesn’t give much scope for capacity but there’s a special Dutch tool for transportation that definitely fits the bill.

It’s called a bak fiets , bak meaning box and fiets meaning bicycle.

So these cleverly designed transport bikes are ideal.

On Sunday there was was a bak fiets sale I. The charming town of Leiden. A pedestrian way by a lovely canal played host to this event.


It was formerly the fish market are and this is the fountain where all could access water.


Each stalls older used the opportunity to sell handmade items, baked goods of second hand…

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One thought on “Not a boot sale but a bak fiets sale!

  1. Thanks for the reblog. The bakfiets rocks!

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