Well I haven’t made that much more progress as far as clearing out more stuff goes.  It hasn’t halted, it’s just slowed to a glacial pace.  Mainly because I’m struggling at the moment to find the time to rake through everything.

I’ve managed to make a start on getting the garden to look respectable again – OK I’ve cut the grass, but it’s a start, and I have plans for the garden for this year.  I just need time to do it (see above re the clutter).

I’m back running again, and loving it.  Did a hill session yesterday lunchtime, which considering the hill, should be termed a “hell” session.  Felt great afterwards though. Endorphins are your friend.

Tonight we’re off to a pop up cafe, where there’s going to be a debate about Scottish Independence.  Hopefully it’ll be a proper discussion and not descend into a rammy.

Other than that, things are just sailing along as usual.  Not much of an update, more a “I’m still alive” post.

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