Just back from my second lunchtime group meditation session, and I really feel good from it.

It definitely calms me down.  I’ve been pretty stressed* the last few weeks, due to some things that have been happening, and while they seem to have been sorted out, it didn’t make much difference.  For example, a letter arrived from my solicitor, who had been sorting out a problem we’d had when we bought our house.  The problem is all sorted – although it took three years – and this was just a paper copy of an email I’d received, with a receipt for the money I had paid them, so there was nothing to get worked up about, but when I saw the envelope with the solicitors stamp on it, I felt physically sick.
So, even though everything was sorted, just receiving this letter was obviously stressful as it was a reminder of the mess my original solicitor had left us in, and the three years of letter writing and panicking I’d done.

I have to say that after today’s meditation session I feel in a better place.  I’m a lot calmer, and I think I’m back to my usual chilled out self.

(* at one stage it had resulted in me grinding my teeth to the extent that I’d loosened a crown I have, which then meant a trip to the dentist (that I shouldn’t have needed) to get it put in again)

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