Friendship is a two way street

A couple of months back, we had arranged to go out with some friends.  When the day arrived, I sent one a text to remind him of the time we were meeting, and got a reply saying that he was “going to have quality “ME” time” and wasn’t coming, but thanks for the invite.
When I pointed out he’d already agreed to this, he went off grid for about ten minutes before coming back with “I have no messages from you regarding this”.

That was because it was arranged IN REAL LIFE and not online.  Long story short, he never turned up and hasn’t been in touch.

Yesterday we bumped into him and his wife, and he joked “I suppose you’re not speaking to me”.  My wife replied “Don’t be stupid”, before pointing out to him that we just weren’t contacting him as friendship is a two way street, and that the only times we saw them were when we arranged something.  We also told him that when you only live 10 minutes from someone, there’s no excuse to have an “on-line” friendship, and that if he couldn’t be bothered making any effort, then why should we.

His only response was “OK”.  No attempt to apologise or make amends, just OK.

Well, it looks like that’s a friendship finished.  C’est la vie.  Time to move on.

I’m actually disappointed that someone who is supposed to be a friend, can’t make any effort to stay in touch without it being via facebook.  The fact that they can’t make time even once a month to meet up, is pathetic.

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2 thoughts on “Friendship is a two way street

  1. I’ve had a lot of friends like the one you describe. It’s a sad thing that so many people are so quick to care so little about the friendships they have. On the plus side, in hindsight they are usually people we don’t really need in our lives, and as a result they often are doing us a favour. Mine certainly did anyway.

    I believe very strongly in the two-way street for friendships, and it surprises me that over the course of the last six years or so, the majority of my friends were one-wayers until I left them to their own devices. You’d think I would be miserable, but I’m not – it makes the friends I do have all the more appreciated.

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