Japanese calligraphy

As if calligraphy wasn’t tricky enough, I thought I’d have a go at Japanese calligraphy, since I saw a book in a charity shop and decided I might try it sometime.  So, one set of brushes and a bottle of ink later (I’m too lazy to use the ink stick.  I know it’s traditional, but I’ll save it for when I’m passable) and yesterday was the day I tried it for the first time.  

What looks simple on paper, isn’t.  The descriptions about how to hold the brush etc are very clear, but damn is it tricky.  I’m not posting any pics, as I spent most of the time practising horizontal and vertical lines, which are hard enough (seriously!!) but the “dot” is really tricky.  

It’s frustrating, but in a really good way, and I had a lot of fun being rubbish, so I’m going to stick at it.  I’d like to be able to do something for the karate club I go to, with the name of the club on it, but like aiming for my black belt, it’s going to be a slow slog.  A work in progress.

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