Simpler times

Posted on Twitter the other day that in some ways I miss the simpler pre-internet days.  What surprised me was that someone favourited and shared it, which was nice.
Unfortunately with only 140 characters, you can’t expand on your thoughts too much, so here’s a longer take on that post.

I miss the simplicity of pre-internet life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being online, and I love all the advantages that it has – information at the push of a button.  Going for a walk and need a map?  Walkhighlands and print the route map/description and off you go.  Email and messaging, so much better than waiting days of not weeks for a letter that may or may not get lost in the post.

But, here’s what I miss. 

The anticipation of having ordered something and waiting for the mail.  That movie/album you FINALLY managed to track down and order is winging it’s way to you.  When you get it, there’s the excitement of unwrapping it, removing it from the sleeve and playing it.  Now, that same movie/album is just a download away, and that’s if you don’t stream it.  Why bother with the physical tangible item when you can just download or stream?  Because it’s JUST NOT THE SAME.  It’s reduced movies and music to an almost disposable medium.  People just won’t have record collections any more.  I don’t have the physical space for my vinyl and hi-fi in the house at the moment.  It’s all boxed away.  OK, so I’ve got rips of most of the albums, BUT, I miss playing my albums.  I miss the ritual of taking a record out it’s sleeve, placing it on the turntable, put the needle on the record, and that initial silence with maybe a pop or click, before the music starts.

It’s all symbolic of peoples need to have things NOW.  And while life is a whole lot more convenient now, is it better?  People are living life through a computer screen, instead of going out and actually living it.

So step away from the keyboard, close the laptop, and instead of looking at a photo of a mountain online, go outside and see one for yourself.  Yes it might rain, yes you might get cold and wet, but that’s life, and you’ll get to experience the simple pleasure of coming home, cold and wet, and huddling in a blanket to thaw out, maybe with a wee dram in your hand.

Now that’s living.

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