Cutting out the deadwood

Sometimes I wonder if the people I regard as friends ARE actually friends.  How many of them are only in touch because I make the effort?  If I didn’t contact them first, how many would bother to contact me?

This came to be relevant recently.  Someone we regarded as a friend, was supposed to be meeting us for a meal.  We had to cancel due to illness, and her last words were “I’ll give you a shout when I’m free”.  That was three months ago.  We haven’t heard a thing from her.

She was also good at borrowing things, and when you asked if she’d read/watched them yet, the answer would always be no, because she had a huge pile of books/movies to work through.  If that’s the case, don’t borrow until you’ve reduced the “to watch/read” pile, UNLESS it’s something you’re planning on jumping to the top of your pile.
Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m NOT going to make the effort with this person any longer.  I’ve replaced both the dvd’s she has of mine, and out of the numerous books she’s got of mine, there’s only one I’m keen to replace (does that count as downsizing?)

So anyway, that’s another piece of driftwood that attached itself as I flow down the river of life, that I’ve managed to untangle myself from. 

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