These little things are sent to try us

On this morning’s commute, I got a puncture cutting through Bellahouston park.  No probs really, checked there was no glass or thorns in the tyre, popped in a new tube, and was on my way again in about 10 minutes.  Only problem is the little hand pumps aren’t great at getting the tyres up to pressure, so it’s a bit on the soft side.  I’ve got a track pump at home, so I’ll get it back up to the right pressure when I get home tonight.

This is the third puncture in two weeks, on the same wheel, so, I’ve decided it’s time for new tyres.  I’ve been recommended some Schwalbe tyres by a friend, who’s done over 4000 miles on his and hasn’t had a single puncture yet.

Either he’s extremely lucky, or they’re as good and puncture proof as they claim to be.  Either way, I’ll probably pick up a pair tomorrow and get them fitted for the weekend.

It’s good to know that it’s so easy and quick to fix a flat.  It’s also nice that the people who passed me in the park all asked if I was ok or if I needed a hand.  It reinforces my faith in people.  Not everyone is selfish and out for themselves.  There are still decent people out there.

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