Things that would have made my bucket list if I’d thought about it sooner

This is some things I’ve done already in my life, that if I hadn’t, would be part of my bucket list.

Go to a SF Worldcon – I’ve been to one when it was in Glasgow.  Fun, but not as fun as a local con.

Visit Egypt – I’ve been three times now.  Seen the Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, and sailed in a feluca on the Nile

Visit the Middle East – I love that part of the world.  I’ve now been to Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria.  Beirut and Damascus were two of my favourite places.  I’d love to have visited Aleppo, but that’s not going to be an option any time soon due to the conflict.

Scuba diving – I’ve done it, and I’m a qualified PADI divemaster, so that’s a big tick on the list.

So, I need to think up things to plug the gaps that these trips would have filled.  Maybe more travel in my own country.  I’d love to see Skara Brae, and go to Up Helly Ah.  So that’s them on the list I suppose 🙂

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