Life re-evaluation

Whenever I get into something new – sport, hobby etc – I tend to go all out for it, and then a bit further down the line, I struggle for motivation.

This happened when I was in a running club.  I got into running as the result of a drunken bet (long-ish story), and really enjoyed it, so I joined a jogging group in work.  I eventually got to the point where the lunchtime run wasn’t long enough, as I had improved to the point where I’d reached the furthest point and was halfway back, while the others were still on the way out.  That was when I joined a running club.  While I was at the top in the jogging group, I was at the tail end in the running club, which was great as I had something to aim for.  Eventually I progressed from the “slow” group to the intermediate group, and got to the point I was among the faster ones in that group.

This was great, until I got an injury and had to take some time out.  When I was ok to run again, I realised just how long it had taken to get to the level I’d been at, and how long it would take me to get back there again.  I also realised that my entire social life, and by association, my wife’s social life, was arranged round my training nights, and any races I was entered into.

Enough was enough and I knocked it on the head.

I’d like to get back into it again at some point, but purely as a means to keep fit.  No clubs, no competing.

Now to the point of this post.  Karate.  I’ve been doing it for about seven years and got my brown belt about 3 months ago.  Just a few weeks later, I went on holiday, and since I came back, I’ve only been to karate once.

I can’t get enthused about it any more.  I’m looking for excuses not to go.  Whatever I was looking for from the karate, I’m not getting.  I was going three times a week, and I need to cut back and go (at most) twice a week now.  I planned to go yesterday, but a flat tyre on my morning commute meant I had to go to the bike shop at lunchtime to get spare tubes in case of any more punctures.  I’ll (probably) go on Saturday morning, but mainly due to the fact that I need to give some dvd’s back, and not because I want to.  I just can’t get my enthusiasm back.  The karate isn’t panning out the way I thought.  I go to two clubs, in the same association.  One seems to be drifting off into aikido-esque territory, which, doesn’t interest me.  We’re practising things which, although quite cool, I can’t see anyone EVER attempting in a fight situation.  I just can’t be arsed any more.

The other club is usually better, and is really good depending on who is taking it.  Problem is, since I’ve not been going, I’ve not been missing it either.

I’m not sure if I should be cutting back or cutting it out completely.  I know it’s not really that important to me anymore.

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