Biting the bullet. (but putting it off for a couple of weeks)

About 5 years ago I got an attack of gout.  Prior to that I’d been in a running club for about 7 years, and had regularly raced in 10k’s, half marathons, and one full marathon.

When the gout struck, I couldn’t walk, much less run, and when it finally cleared up, and I could get out running again, my fitness level had dropped dramatically, and I had to run with a slower group at the club, and got discouraged, and quit.

Now, I’ve got the itch to go running again.  Fortunately I didn’t get rid of my running gear.  I’ve got a new pair of running shoes, and I’m well aware that it will be a while before my 10k time creeps towards 40 mins again (if indeed it ever does).  So with that in mind, I’ve arranged to go out twice a week at lunchtime, with a colleague from work, and I’ll do a longer run on my own at the weekend.

I even picked up some new kit, and have been reading articles on the Runners World website to try and inspire myself, and to help me re-discover what I loved about running, before I became obsessed with trying to get a sub 40 min 10k. (My pb was 40:02)

But first, there’s a trip to Cape Verde to do first.

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People who don’t listen

I’m starting to get a bit fed up with people who don’t listen to what you say.  Not people who forget what you’ve said, but people who are so full of their own self importance, that what you say obviously doesn’t matter, and they JUST DON’T LISTEN.

This is becoming more common, especially in work.  This morning for example, an email sent two hours after I finished yesterday, is asking me do to something, when the person was told in an email, that this was the one day of the week I couldn’t help him, and was told again, face to face, that I couldn’t help him today.  This isn’t forgetting, it’s not listening, and this is a common occurrence with this person, and the people he shares his office with.

Anyway, rant over.

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Variety is the spice of life

On the cycle into work this morning, I decided on a slightly different route through on the ride through the park.  It added a couple of hundred yards onto the normal way I go, but was (a) more sheltered from the wind (b) faster and smoother path, and (c) more scenic, so that’s the way to go from now on I think.

Over the weekend, there was a game of badminton on Saturday, and a beer festival yesterday, where I got to try a couple of beers (one Scottish, one South African) before deciding that I really liked one (the SA) a pale ale, and having another pint of that.

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Another attempt at being artistic

Another attempt at being artistic

Tried copying a postcard of a Buddha statue’s face, using charcoal. Turned out a bit better than I expected.
It’s a start. Something to improve on.

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Sunny early morning commute

Sunny early morning commute

Went a different route on the ride to work this morning. The Clyde was looking pretty nice.

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Simpler living

I’ve begun the process of clearing out things I (a) spent years collecting – comics, (b) never thought I’d part with, and (c) haven’t read, looked at or taken out their storage boxes for years.  

I also have boxes and boxes of vhs tapes, and no longer have a vcr.  I’ve no idea why the hell I’m holding onto them, so they can go as well.

Then there’s the books.  I’ve a pretty large collection of SF, that just sits there looking very nice on the shelf, but not getting read.  Naturally there are some (about 50) that I’ll never get rid of – the Heinlen/Moorcock/Dick books for example, but there’s loads of random books that I’ve just gathered along the way and never passed on or got rid of.

Once all that’s taken care of, there’s a bit of disused ground at the bottom of the garden that I’ve earmarked for raised beds, and growing veg.

Go me.

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Post bike commute selfie in the lift

Post bike commute selfie in the lift

It was a bit chilly on the ride to work. Nice day other than that.

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That was a good weekend

On Friday, for the first time, I tried sketching with charcoal.  Yes, once again I dip my un-artistic toe into the sea of creativity to see what kind of mess it makes.

I have a wee postcard on a pinboard in work that has a close up of the face of a Buddha statue, so I thought I’d give it a go.  I’ve started it, but not finished it yet, so I’ll post it up when I’m done.  So far, it’s not as bad as I thought it would turn out, but then again, I’m biased.

Saturday we had a karate class, which was great.  We spent the entire time going over katas, which, in my opinion, we don’t spend enough time doing.  I got to go over one I’ve only done a couple of times (basai dai), and one I’ve never done before (meikyo).

Keeping up the energetic theme, and on Sunday we had a game of badminton, before going for lunch, and then meeting up with a friend for a couple of drinks.

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Windy bike ride

The commute to work on Friday was fun, thanks to a pretty decent tail wind.  The problem was that on the way home, that tail wind was now a head wind.  

Crossing the Bells Bridge, the wind was barrelling right up the Clyde, and it was a bit of a surprise when I noticed just how far over I was leaning into the wind, to stay on the bike.  Other than that, the other fun part was a small downhill which I always freewheel down.  This time, thanks again to that headwind, I was pedalling to keep moving!!  

In other bike related fun, I picked up a wee book at the weekend, with 40 bike routes in Central Scotland.  Some (only a few) are mtb only as they’re pretty much all off-road.  The rest are quiet road/forest track/cycle paths.  Can’t wait for the better weather to take the odd day’s holiday and go a wee run.



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Odd jobs and biting the bullet

There’s some wee jobs I need to get my finger out at get done.  A tv needs a capacitor replaced (a 10 minute job), I need to replace the flush valve in a toilet (about half an hour).  There’s a couple of other wee things.  They’re small, they won’t take long, but the longer I leave them, the larger they seem, and the less inclined I am to tackle them.

Time to get the finger out I reckon.

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