Commonwealth Games

In case you didn’t know, the Commonwealth Games are on in Glasgow. The sun is out, and there is a fantastic atmosphere in the city.
At lunchtime I won signed Team Scotland goodie bag, including signed bag, signed cap, signed Saltire, and tickets for the two for the boxing on Sunday.

Seriously chuffed.




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Wee Doors Open Day

Every year, Glasgow has a Doors Open Day, a celebration of Glasgow architecture

. This year, to tie in with the Commonwealth Games, there was a Wee Doors Open Day yesterday.

I took an afternoon off work, and me, my wife, and a couple of work colleagues decided to check out some of the buildings.

First off we headed to the Synagogue in Garnethill. The inside of the building is beautiful. Downstairs, there is an archive of the history of Jews in Glasgow, which as well as being really interesting, has a wee bookshop. There are a couple of books by a Glasgow artist, and an autobiography of a survivor of Treblinka, that I’d like to go back and pick up at some point.

From the Synagogue, we moved south of the river to Fairfields office. Fairfields was one of the Govan shipyards, and played an important part in the history of the Glasgow and the Clyde. There’s a nice wee exhibition that’s worth seeing.

Finally we headed over to Pollokshields to the Sikh temple, the Gurdwara, located next to the Tramway. It’s the first time we’d been in a Sikh temple, and it was really interesting. Part of it includes a large kitchen/dining area, where people volunteer to cook, and anyone from the community is able to come in and eat for free. The food is vegetarian, so that no-one is excluded if they are not meat eaters. From the information on the walls and from what we were told, the Sikhs have a great community spirit. Men and women are regarded as equal, and everyone regardless of race or colour, is equal as God created us all. If more people had this attitude, there would probably be a lot less conflict in the world.

Finally, we headed into the Tramway, to have a wee look at the installations that were on.

All in all a fantastic day.

(photos will be added later when I have time)

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Decent weather

The weather has been really good the last couple of weeks. If it stays like this, I’ll probably get the kilt out this weekend.

Largs kilt 2

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Panic attack?

This morning I feel a bit stressed, almost like I’m about to have a panic attack, and I have no idea why.
I felt jittery and on edge when I got up this morning and I could feel it getting worse as time when on. By the time I left for work, I just wanted to get crawl back into bed and hide from the world.

It’s been a couple of hours since I got up, and it’s getting better, I’m almost back to normal. The only thing I can think of is that we’re away for a couple of days for our anniversary, leaving tomorrow. I usually get a bit antsy prior to a trip abroad, but I’ve never (until now) got stressed prior to an overnight trip, that is essentially only a couple of hours from home.

I need to nip this in the bud or I’m going to become a recluse!!!

In better news, it was our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday, and we went for a fantastic meal at a restaurant we’d never been to before – Chinatown. We’ll definately be heading back there. Excellent service, friendly staff, and superb food.

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When I was at school……(aka Art vs Science)

I did science, because I was was “No good at art”. Now in my mid-late 40’s, I regret not doing something I loved, just because of other people. In 5th year I had wanted to do a crash O grade in art, but it would have clashed with when the physics class was timetabled, so again I was denied something I liked.

Now I’m in place, where I DON’T CARE whether other people like or hate what I try to draw/paint/photograph, and I’m happy. I may have missed out on year of simple pleasure because of the opinions of others, but I’m doing this for me, and me alone. If other people like it, that’s fine. If they don’t, I couldn’t care less.

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Back to normal (almost)

Despite feeling down at the end of last week, I had a good weekend.
We had a game of badminton on Saturday morning, which got the happy endorphins going, then went for a curry.
Later we headed to Giffnock to the largest health food shop I’ve ever seen. It’s superb, and even has a bike repair stand and tools outside, so you can do bike repairs.

On Sunday, we went for a walk through Pollok park, and found a secluded spot to practice some kata, before getting the makings of a picnic together and heading to the Linn Park.

I’ve realised that I’ve been allowing people who are being negative (about work, etc) to get to me, and that’s what’s been causing me to feel down. So I’ve made a decision, that I need to not be around people who’s only conversation is complaining about work.

Got a night away later in the week for our wedding anniversary, and we’re going to do a wee hillwalk as well. Looking forward to that.

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The running is still going well, but to be honest, that’s about all that is.
I feel trapped. Everyone seems to be complaining and being negative about something, and it’s dragging me down.

I constantly get talked over in conversations, by people that are meant to be friends. There’s also one person, who takes the piss and laughs when I say I want to go and climb another munro, making me feel crap, then a couple of months later, gets it into his head to climb Goatfell, but won’t do it unless I go, as it was my idea to go hillwalking!

I started moaning at my wife last night in a supermarket, about random walking round the isles, and not writting and sticking to a shopping list, and now we’re barely speaking. I didn’t mean it, and have no idea why I said it. She’s great at finding bargins and saving us money, and I love that about her. The combination of not having eaten, the heat, and trying to stop things falling out a handbasket, just made me snap.

I can’t concentrate to read or watch tv, and I feel incredibly tired. I don’t like myself much right now.

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Update schmupdate

Not posted in a bit, so here goes.

The running is going pretty well.  Did a longer (7.5km) run along the canal last week, and the legs felt good.  Breathing was fine too.  I could have kept going, but it was a lunchtime run, so getting back to work and grabbing a shower in the time I had left, took precedence. We’d reigned the pace in a bit to concentrate on distance, so now I know I can easily do 7,5k, it’s time to get back to running 10k, and once the distance is ticked off, I can do some speed sessions, and concentrate on bringing my time back down.
There’s a 10k in Paisley at the end of August, so I’ll enter that and give myself a target to aim for.  After that, it’s back to upping the miles with the aim of the Glasgow half in October.  If that isn’t looking likely, then I’ll enter the 10k instead. I’d rather do that than go for the longer distance, and not finish, or not enjoy it because I wasn’t prepared properly.

In other news, yesterday I picked up some acrylic paints.  A few people have told me that they’re easier to use as a beginner, than watercolours, so I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.  Anything not totally horrendous, I’ll post up here.

I’ve also been getting stuck in to the garden, and have a wee project I’m wanting to do at the bottom, where there’s a wee slope that I can’t really do much with, and it’s got all overgrown.  Yesterday I started reclaiming it.  I may uncover a lost civilisation.  Who knows!

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First race in 7 years

Yesterday I took part in my first race since I stopped running 7 years ago.  It was the Men’s Health Forum Scotland 5k.  I’ve only been back running for the last four weeks, so I was just looking to get round, and not worrying about a time.  So it was really good to come in with a time of 25:05.  I’ve looked back at times I got when I was in the running club, and they were around 22/23 minutes for a 5k, so I’m really chuffed with my time.

The plan now is to up the millage and not concentrate on speed.  Then I can get back to doing 10k’s regularly, and then up the millage to 10 milers, like I used to do for training runs in the past. (You know you’ve crossed a line when you you say you’ve been for a “wee 10 miler” when someone asks what you did when you were out running)

For the moment though, I’m basking in the glow of my result from yesterday.Image

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Living life like an indy movie

I’ve been off work with a stinking cold, and passed the time watching movies, including Annie Hall, Manhattan and Francis Ha.  It got me thinking that life would be really cool if it was like one of these New York set movies where everyone is friends with artists, writers and musicians.  Life like one of these movies would be cool.

Then came the realisation.  I know artists.  I know writers.  I know musicians.  I know all these people.  Hell, my sister in law is a sculptress.  We just don’t have pretentious parties where a lot of words are spoken, but nothing is said.  

I guess Glasgow is just more down to earth than the image of New York portrayed in these movies.

That being said, it’s still kind of cool imagining that life could be like that.

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